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    Kundalini-Yoga Parampara

    Kundalini-Yoga Parampara
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    Kundalini-Yoga Parampara

    The living tradition of Kundalini-Yoga
    Auflage1st edition
    ProdukttypBuch (Broschiert)
    Detailwarengruppe Gesundheit/Bewegung

    A comprehensive work about theory, practice and philosophy of authentic Hatha-Yoga, as it has been laid down in the fundamental textbooks of the Yoga-Shastra (“Hatha-Yoga Pradipika”, “Gheranda-Samhita”, “Shiva-Samhita”, “Patanjali Yoga-Sutra” and the “Yoga-Upanishads”). The book is for the seeker with high expectations, who is longing for deep transformation and self-realization. Written in clear and precise language, the book gives insight into the authentic practice of Yoga, which has always been shrouded in mystery and has often given way to many wrong and misleading interpretations. 

    In 1979, the author was initiated into the exciting secrets of original Hatha- or Kundalini-Yoga – one of the most powerful systems by which to attain emancipation and liberation – by his Guru Dhirendra Brahmachari. Devoted entirely to his Sadhana, Reinhard spent long periods of complete isolation in the Indian Kashmir, learning about all the aspects of the awakening of the mystic serpent power Kundalini. With this work he wants to hand over the great heritage of his master to other human beings, in order to enable them to profit from this old wisdom. The Kundalini-Shakti is the essence of Hatha-Yoga, and without her awakening, it is impossible to find the entrance into the labyrinth of ourselves and begin the dangerous journey of self-discovery.

    “The Kundalini sleeping in the region of the coccyx is the reason for the emancipation of the Yogi and for the bondage of the ignorant. One who knows her knows Yoga.” 
    (Hatha-Yoga Pradipika, chapter III, verse 107)