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    Enforcement in Switzerland

    Enforcement in Switzerland
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    Enforcement in Switzerland

    A practical guide to enforcing civil judgments and arbitral awards
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    - Enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards in Switzerland
    - Enforcement proceedings step by step
    - Full translation of the Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Act

    The enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards is an important part of the practice of many dispute resolution teams all around the world. It often involves cross-border issues, since enforcement can (also) take place in jurisdictions other than the jurisdiction where the judgment or award originated.

    This book is designed as a practical guide to enforcement issues in Switzerland for foreign practitioners. It explains the various enforcement proceedings on a step by step basis and contains a full translation of the Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Act. The book includes topics such as the enforcement of monetary judgments with and without attachment, the enforcement of non-monetary judgments, and the enforcement of interim measures.

    All authors belong to the VISCHER Dispute Resolution team whose core competences include the enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards, including attachment proceedings.